“We have been selling ENDURABLE STAIN and ENDURABLE SEALER for two years now. Before we started selling the products, we sold a lot of acid stain and Dye-N-Seal. They are both good products but the have down sides that the ENDURABLE STAINS don’t have. It is much easier to sell a product that has no clean up and disposal issues that acid stains have. ENDURABLE STAIN AND ENDURABLE SEALER are both safe and easy for an inexperienced user. Also, the fact that we can use the stain both interior and exterior makes it so much easier to sell. I was on an acid stain job last week that the contractor used a jade color outside. It has turned black and it’s a big mess. We tell people not to do that but it still happens.
We sell the ENDURABLE STAIN at least 20 to 1 over acid stains and our Dye-N-Seal sales have mostly gone away. We have fewer problems and sell far more product than we ever did when we only had acid stain and Dye-N-Seal to offer.
We have struggled with finding a sealer that would hold up outside since we got into decorative concrete 20 years ago. We have tested different sealers on our own here and found that a good sealer, applied correctly, would last for maybe two years. So many of our customers were discouraged with their stamped concrete because they couldn’t keep it looking nice. I have heard more than one person say that they wished they had poured regular gray concrete. We have always stated that the key to a good stamp job is the sealer. Now we have many of our regular customers using the ENDURABLE SEALER; exterior for its UV resistance and interior for its durability. It’s an easy sell to homeowners when they come in; to tell them they can buy my solvent sealer and recoat it every other year, or buy the ENDURABLE SEALER and have it last 3 to 5 times as long.
We have also found the company very easy to work with. They are very knowledgeable and always helpful with product
information. It is very discouraging to sell a product when you can’t get good technical support from the manufacturer. We love the products and the company.”