Endurable Polishable Coating System(PCS)


  1. Grind concrete to between 50 and 200 grit depending on hardness and structure.
  2. Apply grout mender products and fill joints between passes.  
  3. Endurable Concrete Hardener may be applied after first cut.
  4. Grind floor to desired level up to 200 grit.

Application of Endurable Concrete Sealer

  1. Mix Endurable Concrete Sealer Gloss at 2:1 ratio as per instructions on labels.
  2. Spray a light coat over concrete surface using .05-.07 conical tip at 40 psi or more.  
  3. Do not over apply.
  4. Apply second coat same as the first, then microfiber mop or T-Bar the surface immediately.  (Endurable F1 sealer may be used for a fast-dry option.  Contact manufacturer for more information.  
  5. After 12-36-hour cure time, burnish sealer with diamond impregnated pad or Hogs Hair burnishing pads.  Depending on refinement of concrete, different pads may be used.
  6. Typical burnish is 400-800 grit pad to start.  Finish with 1500-3000 pads up to 6000+.
  7. After a 36-72 hour cure, softer pads may be used with polishing machines to refine coating if proper millage has been achieved.